Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 weeks later

Had a check up at the hospital today. This one also cost only 30kc and included x-rays and a new knee brace. That was the good news.

There is no further update on my knee - I've got to go back in 3 weeks to check-in, a week later I have my MRI and 2 weeks later I'll review my results with the orthopedist.  That is the neutral news.

The frustrating bit - I'm still on crutches and I will be for a while longer.

Whatever. It's temporary. Frustrating cause it's incredibly inconvenient and my arms and hands hurt, but it's temporary. Hopefully this will all be resolved before graduation.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh clumsy knee, I mean clumsy me - another hospital excursion

We went to Budapest for Easter with friends (more on that in a later post) and had a great time. Friday through Monday was the plan, and the plan worked. However late Sunday night, while standing in line at this awesome taqueria, I experienced this incredibly intense, just overwhelming pain in my knee. Tried to brush it off. I hadn't been moving so I didn't move wrong, just thought maybe it was a spasm or something after having spent the evenings in the baths. I was wrong.

Took the train home in the morning, said goodbye to my friends and went to  a meeting on Tuesday and after that went straight to the hospital as my doctor was on vacation.  

Hospital narrative - took a taxi there which cost about $12. Checked in for the urgent care doc, less than $2. Took the elevator down one floor and walked up to the receptionist, sat for less than 3 minutes then was called in to the doctor who examined, wrapped, splinted and crutched me (no additional cost for the equipment) and gave me a prescription and advice in less than 30 minutes and I was done. Took a taxi home as walking was still not really an option. Picked up the Rx in the pharmacy beneath my flat - it was also less than $2.

The problem? Somehow I broke the meniscus.  I had thought that they tore but he said broke so broke it is. It looks like my kneecap slid sideways and then rotated. It feels like that too. 

Had two classes last week and two meetings afterwards, made them all and have been at home resting other than that. I was told to give it a few days for the swelling to go down and the pain to start to go away, and if that doesn't happen then in 2 weeks to get evaluated for surgery.  I am counting on not needing surgery but I'm still swollen and still in pain so I'm going to consider his "few days" meaning more like a week, few in a very loose sense. I'm seriously bummed about this. I hadn't written about it yet but I'd just found a gym I really like, but it's a circuit gym and I can't do the circuit right now, and I'd gotten back in to playing badminton regularly. I was trying to create a new habit and those efforts have been seriously disrupted. I'm also supposed to take a short trip with friends next weekend and that may not be happening as I'll still be in a stupid leg brace and on crutches.

all this cream will kill me

The cooking lessons have been completed. Skills and knowledge elevated as I'd hoped. The one drawback... cream and pasta have become a base for almost every meal. I am going to die. A long and slow but tasty death.