Friday, October 14, 2011

food, the Forum and food for thought.

I got another chance to attend Forum 2000 this year and while I missed Vaclav Havel's speeches I did get to hear plenty of others... like the President of Georgia (after the talk his entourage nearly mowed me down, but we were just saying hello, I'm no threat to security, I swear!), the President of Kosovo who was greeted with indignation and protesters, the former President of Nigeria, the former head of National Security from Guatemala, the Speaker of Parliament from Albania, a number of Ambassadors, quite a few Russian (opposition) politicians, quite a few attorneys working against corruption - primarily in the former USSR but other nations as well, and some religious leaders.

Not bad for the start of the week.

Free admission, made sure to pre-register my students so they came too, and the Forum keeps you well fed too.

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