Thursday, November 17, 2016

Democracy in Crisis - another Forum 2000

This year, what I believe will be a key year for the future of democracy, the topics of Forum 2000 were a critique on the progress and status of democracy over the decades.

Shortly thereafter were the American elections.

I wish more people in the world, in leadership positions, were more in-tune with the base concepts of individual freedoms, valuation of individualities, th e underlying concepts of human rights, and moving towards understanding the minor impact of our differences, be they cultural or religious, rather than focusing on how differences divided us. Most people in this world want to live in a safe environment, have a family knowing they're secure when they walk out the door, and have financial security. Those are core shared goals. How we view those concepts may differ, but until we value each person on this planet and their right to live outside of a war zone, their right to food and safe water, shelter and clothing, to be free of religious persecution, or persecution based on gender (inclusive of gender identity), sexual orientation, race, or disability - we will continue to move towards a divisive world rather than one that inclusive and oriented on a peaceful existence; we will continue to move towards a world run on fear and mistrust, inflammatory rhetoric, and the elevation of self over others.

These concepts, this momentum, this exertion of will over right, undermines the concepts of democracy, It does, in fact, place the future of democratic societies in crisis. And it makes the world an inherently more dangerous place. Not just for people of color, women, non-Christian faiths, or nationalities or heritage other than that of the country in which they reside - but a destabilized world is one that is less safe for the majority as well . It breeds discontent. It continues to grow fear, from all people not just the dominating populist, and may lead to a self-actualizing reality of conflict upon delineated lines.

We need compassion and humility on a global scale. I do. I'm trying. And hopefully you are trying to act from a place of peace, love and respect as well.