Thursday, August 26, 2010

one of my purest pleasures

Some women like purses. Some spend hours picking out the right shade of lipstick, nail polish or foundation. Some collect shoes. Some people have other little indulgent pleasures they engage in every now and then, a little ashamed at how much they've dished out for something that others don't necessarily understand - there is more value in the item placed by the owner than it is worth to the every man.

For me that little pleasure would be books. Bookstores, antique books, old cracked leather-bound books, aged papers with tobacco smoke infused in the ink, uncreased bindings with pages so fresh you get papercuts as you thumb through... books.

Today I read that the average American household buys 7 books a year. There must be some illiterate homes cause I have got to offset a few homes... we can quite easily buy 7 books per visit. In the past month, nearly 3 weeks of vacation, but still, I've read over 10 books... 10 books that I didn't have 6 weeks ago. With my new e-reader and the joys of free access via google books to all the out of copyright stuff... I've got a lot more reading to do!!

Sometimes I wish I were one of those women infatuated with fashion, sporting a strong sense of style. Sometimes I wish I knew what would be stunning on me, where to shop and how to piece random things together... or I wish that I had more patience for accessories and accessorizing and products... too many bottles and jars and pastes and tubes and colors and appliances for me to fully be comfortable navigating through a thorough makeup session. Sometimes I wish all of that, but not often. I'm usually quite content avoiding all of that and having more time to read.

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