Thursday, December 1, 2011

Forum 2000 & the Dali Lama

I think the best thing I've discovered in this country, besides the intangible personal growth and development, is Forum 2000. I know I've written about them a few times during the past few years - I went a few years ago when the Dali Lama was supposed to be there but became ill and was there again just a few months ago.

Well, the Dali Lama is better now and he's coming to Prague.  The Facebook notice went up on Forum 2000's page on Friday, tickets went on sale first thing Monday morning and then email notice about the event went out Monday midday.

Unfortunately, for those affiliated with the Forum but not connected to their FB page, it was nearly sold out before I received their email.  How do I know?  I get both. I bought my ticket based upon the information I got from the FB post.  When I bought my ticket it was nearly sold out.  A short while after I completed that transaction I received an email telling me about the event.

Next Sunday I will spend my afternoon listening to the Dali Lama speak on Searching for Happiness in a Troubled World. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

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